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Taking Mobile Technology to a New Level

Many cell phone manufacturers will add the term "smart phone" to their new devices without ever defining the term for their consumers. Although this was not an issue in the past, with so many technological advancements today, smart phones are a thousand times different than smart phones from a year ago. The reason why this is important is that every once in a while a smart phone comes along that forces us to reexamine what we expect from one of these portable devices. The Samsung Conquer is also called the LG Optimus outside of the US. Most of the available Samsung Conquer accessories like a Samsung Conquer case and a Samsung Conquer screen protector can be used with many other same-brand smart phones.

The Samsung Conquer is a smart phone with so many great features that make this a true smart phone. The key element is the brilliant 4.3inch capacitive TFT LCD touch screen, which provides 3D support and multi-touch sensors. Under the hood, this LG model boasts a 1000MHz Texas Instruments dual-core processor and 512 MB of RAM. Feature-wise, it's everything you expect from a modern cell phone: camera, built-in social networking support, wide range of codec support, and wide array of connectivity options including Bluetooth, USB, HDMI, and more.

The dual-core processor is what makes this device a lot different that cell phones that came before it. What that basically meant is that this electronic gadgets can perform many of the things that a desktop or laptop are able to do, but all from the palms of your hand. In the next step, Android applications continue to become extremely sophisticated and power hungry, and a phone like this one allows you to buy it with the confidence that it'll live up to the challenge.

One feature creating a lot of buzz is the Samsung Conquer's ability to display 3D without the requirement of 3D glasses. This is a huge breakthrough since glasses are usually a requirement for 3D devices. Better yet, the phone doesn’t limit 3D to movies. It seamlessly integrates the 3D into the home screen and navigational system. You can also access free 3D videos through YouTube.

The built-in camera also supports 3D capabilities. Just think about that for a moment and all of the possibilities that provides you. When you choose to record in 3D, as opposed to 2D, the file sizes are bigger but the rest of the process is essentially the same. Once the file has been recorded you can then view it in 3D or upload it as 3D content to your computer. The built-in HDMI port also allows users to watch 3D video on their T.V though their smart phone if they have a 3D capabile television.